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At Apex Club Volleyball, our mission is to cultivate a culture of excellence through  our core values: Discipline, Effort, and Commitment



Apex Club Volleyball

At Apex Club Volleyball, our mission is to cultivate a culture of excellence through the unwavering commitment to our core values: Discipline, Effort, and Commitment. We strive to instill discipline in our players, fostering a strong work ethic that goes hand in hand with the relentless effort they put into honing their skills. Our commitment extends beyond the court, aiming to empower individuals with the values that not only shape exceptional athletes but also resilient and disciplined individuals ready to tackle challenges both on and off the volleyball court.


Our Facility

Our facility is modeled after the college experience. We took a comprehensive approach to training and development. This includes not only on-court skills but also off-court aspects such as strength training, nutrition, recovery, and conditioning. By mirroring the structure of collegiate programs, athletes can prepare themselves effectively for higher levels of competition and reaching their full potential.

8 Volleyball Courts: Having eight volleyball courts provides ample space for practices, drills, and matches. It allows for multiple teams to train simultaneously and facilitates efficient use of time for both players and coaches.

Weight Lifting: Weightlifting is crucial for volleyball players to build strength, power, and endurance. Incorporating weightlifting into the training program helps athletes develop the necessary muscle mass and explosiveness required for various aspects of the game, such as jumping, blocking, and hitting.

Speed Training with an Indoor Track and Turf: Speed is a vital component of volleyball, as quick reactions and movements are essential on the court. An indoor track enables athletes to focus on agility, acceleration, and sprinting techniques, all of which are fundamental for enhancing performance during games.

Nutrition Center: Providing a dedicated nutrition center stocked with options such as smoothies, wraps, salads, and other nutrient-rich foods offers convenient and healthy fuel options for athletes bridging the gap between school and practice sessions. This ensures that athletes have access to balanced meals and snacks to optimize energy levels, promote recovery, and support overall performance.

Recovery Center: Equipping the facility with amenities such as MRI machines, cold tubs, athletic trainers, and NormaTec systems underscores the commitment to athlete well-being and performance optimization. Providing access to advanced recovery tools ensures that athletes can effectively manage fatigue, prevent injuries, and maintain peak physical condition, ultimately supporting their long-term development and success.

Our Leadership


Matti McKissock Oliver grew up in Windermere, Florida and attended The First Academy where her team
won a state championship in 2017. She then went on to be a 4 year starter and captain on the volleyball team at Georgia Tech. Matti Led her team to the NCAA tournament 2x and ultimately finished in the Elite 8. McKissock holds the record at Georgia Tech for the most assists in the Rally Point Scoring era. She then went to UCLA for her final year of eligibility in gained her masters in Leadership and Coaching.

– AVCA All-American (Fall 2021)
– 2-time AVCA All-East Coast Region Team honoree (Fall 2021, 2019)
– AVCA East Coast All-Region Honorable Mention (Spring 2021)
– ACC Setter of the Year (2019)
– 3-time All-ACC honoree (First Team – Fall 2021, 2019; Second Team – Spring 2021)
– Honorable Mention All-American (Fall 2021)

We are excited to have Matti Lead our volleyball program at Apex.



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